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Hi, I'm not really part of any Cthulhu communities because I'm not very into it (yet), but I thought this may interest a few people...

For Christmas I knit my boyfriend an iPod Cozy because he leaves his in the car and it's always freezing, so it could be useful. I'm usually his DJ when I visit, and we live in different states, so it was 'cute.' And lastly, I needed to make it personal and unique and he's a huge Lovecraft fan.....

It wasn't finished at the time, but I did leave him a card with "Love" and "Craft" written a million times, but he just didn't get it.

There are a few extra strings I'm not sure how to use, but it's ready to use.

I'm sure Cthulhu will want to destroy me for playing Ani DiFranco out of him, as you can see in the picture, vaguely, but I'm a sucker for irony.

I forgot to take a picture of it after I added a drawstring. I made it so you can close the mouth into more of a tube.





Also, the yarn I found at a thrift store and was a nightmare to work with, and I like to think that if I had a better yarn, I would have knit faster/more neatly, but I suppose that's sort of fitting.

X-posted. And I hope this is allowed here.
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